Coaches Guidelines

Š      Know your Athletes weights and divisions

Š      Coach in a way that respects the other athletes, coaches, teams and parents.

Š      Use supportive commentary rather than comments that degrade the opposing athlete (this is especially true when it comes to kids, there is no room for making negative comments like “he’s tired” or “ I want you to destroy... It should be “maintain posture”, “keep your base”, “keep your elbows in” etc. 


Athlete Guidelines

Š      Arrive on weight, clipped nails and a clean Gi that meets requirements.

Š      Divisions are posted 4-5 days before the tournament. Make sure you check your division and your weight class, twice.  Changes will not be made the day of the tournament. 

Š      Athletes should not remove the GI jacket without going to the change room.

Š      Arrive at least 30 minutes before your division

Š      Respect your opponent and the referee decisions

Š      Shake the hand of your opponent and your opponent’s coach after your match (hugs are optional)


Parent Guidelines

Š      See General Guidelines and Athlete Guidelines

Š      Your children will be put into the division best suited for their size and experience level with total concern for safety.

Š      Please leave the coaching to the coaches; parents only coach if you are asked to.

Š      Encourage your child to have a great time and learn, this is the only thing that matters


General Guidelines

Š      Absolutely no verbal abuse of anyone anywhere on the premises.  You will be asked to leave and not be allowed to return.

Š      Please no swearing, you may be asked to leave the venue.

Š      Parents, athletes and coaches should be familiar with prohibited moves for the divisions that apply. 

Š      Please read the website and Facebook updates before sending emails.  Emails that ask questions that have been answered on Facebook or the webpage will not be responded.

Š      Safety is first, the decision of the referee is final (there are no video replays)

Š      Everyone work together keeping the environment positive and make a great example for the kids, and let’s keep growing Jiu Jitsu, this day is about growth and friendship