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Jiu Jitsu Ohana III – August 17th 2019 @ The Richmond Olympic Oval

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JIU JITSU OHANA III Championship – August 17 2019   

Location: Richmond Olympic Oval – 6111 River Road, Richmond BC

Important Dates:

June 14 – Registration opens at www.katanabjj.com
June 28 – Early registration pricing ends at midnight
July 21 – Second registration pricing ends at midnight
August 4 – Registration closes at midnight (NoRegistrations will be accepted after midnight.)
August 7– Schedule & Divisions will be posted at www.katanabjj.com
August 11 – Deadline of registration changes: weight, divisions, affiliations, etc.
(Please check your division. No registration changes will be accepted after midnight.)
August 13 – Deadline to register for Coaches Passes at www.katanabjj.com

Coach Free Entrance:
Coaches must register online at www.katanabjj.comto receive a free entrance.

The number of Free Entrances available to your Academy depends on number of athlete’s registered. See below:
1 Coach Entrance = 1-3 athletes registered
2 Coaches Entrance = 4-7 athletes registered
3 Coaches Entrance = 8-12 athletes registered
4 Coaches Entrance = 13-17 athletes registered
5 Coaches Entrance = 18 or more athletes registered

Note:  Wristbandswill be given only to Coaches that have athletes born 2013 or later.  Coaches with wristbands are allowed to enter the competition area only to coach their athletes born 2013 or later.

Rules & Weights:

Kids & Juvenile Competitors:

  • Double elimination format (up until the finals) with IBJJF Rules,see ibjjf.org/rules/
  • Please register the accurate weight of your child with Gi & Belt. (If they are doing only No-Gi, please register their accurate weight with their No-Gi attire)
  • Kids competing in both Gi & No-Gi will only weigh in one timewith their Gi & Belt on.
  • Kids will be placed in the best appropriate division possible based on the registration of competitors. We will factor in age, weight and experience (belt level) of the athlete.
  • GI’s must be clean and meet IBJJF requirements at ibjjf.org/rules/
  • All No-Gi competitors are required to wear rashguards.
  • Competitors weighing over their registered weight may be disqualified. Please ensure correct weight registered.

Adult Competitors:

  • Single elimination format with IBJJF Rules,ibjjf.org/rules/
  • Competitors must weight in with Gi & Belt, for Gi Division.
  • GI’s must be clean and meet IBJJF requirements at ibjjf.org/rules/
  • No-Gi Divisions, do not require to wear a rashguard with corresponding belt colour, however all clothing must be clean and meet IBJJF standards. (Male competitors must wear a rashguard & board shorts with no pockets)
  • Competitors weighing over their registered weight will be disqualified. Please ensure you register in the correct weight category.


**Jiu Jitsu Ohana III Tentative Schedule:

8:00am – Doors Open
8:00am – Kids Weigh-ins
9:15am – Kids Gi Divisions
10:30am – Juvenile & Kids No-Gi Weigh-ins
11:30am – Juvenile Divisions & Kids No-Gi Divisions
12:00pm – Adult Weigh-ins
12:30pm – Adult & Master Divisions
(**Official Schedule will be posted by August 14th, 2019 at www.katanabjj.com)

Spectators: $10 Adult, $5 Youth – 17 & under (Children 12 & under FREE)

Please email us at info@katanabjj.com for any additional questions.

We look forward to seeing you at the Vancouver Island Open II and we thank you for your support!




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copa katana II

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IBJJF Rule Book here.

Adult & Juvenile Gi Weight Classes





Coaches, Parents & Athletes should all familarize themselves with the following Guidelines:

Katana Guidlines


Katana Waiver